The Healthy Living Pharmacy Difference

The Healthy Living Pharmacy Difference

Healthy Living Pharmacy was created to provide exceptional pharmaceutical and medical services to the local community. The idea for this pharmacy was conceived by three(3) pharmacists, who sought to bring personalized, interactive, and convenient services to the traditional drugstore. This professional staff contributes a wealth of knowledge worth over fifty(50) years of experience.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Ray Schwartz

Registered Pharmacist & MBA

Decades of valuable experience in various professional areas of practice help Ray address any of our patients’ concerns.

Ella Yakubova

Registered Pharmacist (RPh)

Offers insight into homeopathic and holistic medicine for patients

Barry Nysenbaum

RPh & Supervising Pharmacist

Expert on the subject of fertility drugs and treatments.

Consult with one of our pharmacists

Our specially trained pharmacy team is dedicated to help bridge the gap between patients, providers and service organizations. Stop in or call us today.